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  • Virtual Mobile Number

    A Virtual Mobile Number (VMN, SMS Long Number
    or MSISDN) enables your business or organisation
    to receive inbound SMS text messages from any
    mobile user on any mobile network...

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  • Virtual Sim Hosting

    The Viaweb SMS Sim Hosting (VSIM) solution give
    you a high performance & reliable method of
    receiving up to 50 SMS per second through a
    customer supplied SIM. The SIM can...

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  • Wholesale SMS Solutions

    Viaweb SMS's Bulk Messaging Service now invites
    customers to experience the power of Bulk SMS as
    a standard text with the option of sending it to as
    many people as you want. Our app...

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  • Business SMS Solutions

    The corporate world is heavily dependent on email
    to communicate within the office. However, there
    can be times when important information regarding
    a meeting scheduled or special...

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  • Robust SMS Gateway

    Viaweb SMS's HTTP API and SMPP API are fast,
    simple to use and secure. It is easy to integrate
    into your application using our readymade scripts.
    To get started you will need to buy so...

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  • Home Location Register

    Home Location Register Look up (HLR Look up)
    is a popular feature that Viaweb SMS offers its
    customers. Any Client wanting to reach a particular
    subscriber will need to know the final...

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  • 2-way SMS Solutions

    Would you like to forward your incoming messages
    through an e-mail? Or would you much rather
    prefer forwarding it to a website or database?
    Viaweb SMS now offers you with its...

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  • Mobile Marketing Solutions

    One of the safest ways of reaching out to a global
    audience is by offering services that are flexible
    enough to enter into diverse domains. We, at
    Viaweb SMS, harness the potential of...

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